Sergei Sozanovsky, Managing Partner and Victor Mirsky, Partner represented Konnov & Sozanovsky on the international MIP-TV market


On April 3-7 Cannes hosted annual MIP-TV market which is the world's premier audiovisual and digital content market. It's where the key decision-makers come to meet, talk and forge the business partnerships that will drive future growth on a global level. Annually MIP-TV market is necessarily visited by more than 4 thousand companies from 99 countries worldwide.


Konnov & Sozanovsky represented by Mr. Sergei Sozanovsky and Mr. Victor Mirsky took active part in this grand event. Participation of the company was stipulated by the growing need of foreign media enterprises in legal partners in locus, that is to say, in the countries where their media products are being exported, as well as due to the necessity to inform the international media environment about the potential cooperation in this field and the readiness of Konnov & Sozanovsky to provide legal support to those participants of the market that extend their activities on the territory of Ukraine.


Mr. Sergei Sozanovsky and Mr. Victor Mirsky carried important meetings with already existing and potential foreign and Ukrainian clients.