Konnov & Sozanovsky represented the interests of Taisiya Povaliy



Konnov & Sozanovsky represented the interests of Taisiya Povaliy due to the judicial examination confirmed the rightness of Taisia Povalij in a dispute with «Ukrainian macaronis» on trade mark «Taja». The conclusion of the judicial examination confirmed that the trade mark «Taja», registered by LTD «Ukrainian macaronis», reproduces the diminutive name of the Ukrainian folk artist Taisia Povalij, which the singer uses in her performances and concert activities. The examination also confirmed that Taisia Povalij is a well-known person, and products of LTD «Ukrainian macaronis» under the brand «Taja» causes the close association with the performer. Moreover, quite often similar associations negatively reflect the customers' attitude towards Taisia Povalij.  The court declared that the conclusion of examination is based upon and confirmed by other materials of the case. Therefore the registration of the trade mark «Taja» by LTD «Ukrainian macaronis» was illegal, as the legislation of Ukraine prohibits the registration of trade marks which reproduce the names of the persons well-known on the territory of Ukraine without their consent. On the basis of the aforesaid the Economic court of Kiev in its decision acknowledged the invalidity of the Certificate on the trade mark «Taja», registered by LTD «Ukrainian macaronis».