Rights in trademark «Einhell» were returned to fair owner


Konnov & Sozanovsky represented the German company Hans Einhell AG in the negotiations concerning transferring rights in trademark «Einhell» in Ukraine.

«Einhell» trademark is known in Ukraine for high-quality instruments and equipment manufactured by Hans Einhell AG.

However, in Ukraine it was not registered in the name of Hans Einhell AG. This situation allowed a Ukrainian natural person to register «Einhell» trademark unfairly in his own name.

As a result of successful negotiations carried out by Konnov & Sozanovsky the rights in trademark «Einhell» were assigned to Hans Einhell AG on the payment-free basis. The assignment agreement was registered with the State Intellectual Property Department. Thus, Hans Einhell AG now owns rights in «Einhell» trademark in Ukraine according to Trademark Registration Certificate No.35645.