Tested by practice schemes of bringing in of investments in construction of habitation and commercial real estate


Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Belous, attorney and senior lawyer at Êonnov & Sozanovsky, specialist on securities, certificated by State Commision on Securities and Stock Market, spoke at the seminar «Building-2005: tested by practice schemes of bringing in of investments  in building of habitation and commercial real estate», which was held in Odessa on October 13-14, 2005.

At the seminar Natalia conducted a full-day lecture on the topic «Funds of financing construction, funds of operations with the real estate, institutes of the mutual investing and investment securities: schemes and mechanisms of work». During the day Natalia represented and discussed the following issues with the participants of the seminar:

1. Creation and functioning of funds of financing construction and funds of operations with the real estate.
2. Creation and functioning of institutes of the mutual investing.
3. Issue of bonds: from emission to redemption.
4. Options: practical schemes of work in construction.
5. Taxation of operations with investment securities (bonds and options): optimization schemes.