Konnov & Sozanovsky member became the secretary of the Ukrainian Group of AIPPI


On March 12, 2004 Mr. Sergei Konnov, the senior partner with Konnov & Sozanovsky was elected the secretary of the Ukrainian Group of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). The Ukrainian Group held its annual meeting that day and not only elected the new management but approved the report of the Group's President and revised bylaws of the organization.

Ms. Antonina Pakharenko-Anderson (Pakharenko & Partners) became the new President of the Ukrainian Group of the AIPPI with Mr. Michael Doubinsky (Doubinsky & Osharova) being elected the Vice-President of the Group.

Delegates for the 39th AIPPI Congress, which will be held in June 2004, Switzerland, Geneva, also have been elected during the meeting.