Sergei Konnov elected the Vice-President of the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA)

At the Foundation Meeting of the Ukrainian Bar Association, Mr. Sergei Konnov, the senior partner of Konnov & Sozanovsky, was elected the vice-president of the Association. The UBA is an all-Ukrainian public organization of legal professionals aimed at defending justice and improvement of Ukrainian legislation, enhancement of lawyers' professional growth and advancement of legal awareness of public. Its goal is to unite dynamic and ambitious professionals in their effort to protect democracy in the Ukraine as well as to encourage lawyers' informal networking. Mr. Konnov is elected as the vice-president to Igor A. Shevchenko, the managing partner of Shevchenko Didkovskiy & Partners, who was elected the president of the Association. The Ukrainian Bar Association was officially registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Ukraine on April 7, 2003.