Galina Zagorodnyuk was elected as the Chairman of Subcommittee on Competition Law Matters of the EBA


At the European Business Association (EBA) meeting, Ms. Galina Zagorodnyuk, associate of Konnov & Sozanovsky, was elected Chairman of Subcommittee on Competition Law Matters of the EBA Legal Committee. Ms. Zagorodnyuk has great experience in antitrust, corporate law issues, securities matters; she focuses on corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, also provides legal support to securities operations and registration of property rights.

The EBA Legal Committee was created in  2002 and currently brings together representatives from the legal companies as well as lawyers from member-companies. Members have the opportunity to exchange information regarding the legislation collisions they faced in Ukraine, as well as prospects and last updating of Ukrainian law. Within the frames of the EBA Subcommittee on Competition Law Matters meetings participants are mainly interested in discussing the issues of economic competition, maters of permits obtaining of the AMCU for consideration and concerned practices, as well as aspects of the abuse of a dominant position.