Konnov & Sozanovsky organized an international seminar on Cyprus


Konnov & Sozanovsky held another thematic seminar dedicated to issues involving planning and development of business in Ukraine and abroad. This seminar touched upon the peculiarities of using Cypriot companies in international tax planning.

The seminar was held jointly with Constantinou & Kyriacou/Jeffreys auditing company. Mr. Panajotis Kiriakou, a partner with the company, shed light into the advantages which may be acquired by Ukrainian companies and private persons using Cyprus-based companies in tax planning of their business. Mr. Kyriakos Constantinou, the representative of international bank Marfin Popular Bank gave detailed information about banking services offered by Cyprus banks. In her turn, Ms. Yevgenia Derbal, a senior lawyer at Konnov & Sozanovsky reviewed the details of work with Cyprus companies taking into consideration the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

This seminar acknowledged the increasing interest of Ukrainian companies and private persons in long-term, multilevel business tax planning.