Iraq as seen by a Representative from Konnov & Sozanovsky

Konnov & Sozanovsky partner Mr. Ronald Marks recently completed a ground-breaking trip to the Federal Region of Kurdistan, or what is often referred to as northern Iraq.

The Federal Kingdom of Kurdistan is a highly autonomous jurisdiction with tremendous investment activity and potential. Mr. Marks met with senior officials from the Kurdistan Development Corporation, as well as with bankers, foreign and local lawyers, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce. He walked the streets of Erbil and observed first-hand the scope of new development activity.
Mr. Marks was quoted as saying that it was really essential to meet key people and understand their pragmatic realities, because so much commercial practice in this region is of a de facto rather than a de jure nature.

ĢI feel our firm is now better positioned to offer meaningful advice on this emerging market than it was beforeģ, says Mr. Marks.