Konnov & Sozanovsky receives permission to include «UA» code to the trade mark name


Konnov & Sozanovsky received permission from the Commission of the State Department of Intellectual Property to include into the name of «Film UA» trade mark - a leading national film producer the indication of the state «Ukraine» (in the form of the «UA» code).

Established in 2002 today this company has grown up to be a profound leader in the production of feature films and TV serials in Ukraine. Its creative assets include independent projects as well as those executed jointly with other studios. Company’s films have already won Ukrainian audience, and found way into Russian market.  Thus, they were on air on numerous Russian channels, namely ORT, RTR, NTV, REN-TV and always become included among top-ten rating programs.

On behalf of Konnov & Sozanovsky the client’s interests represented Julia Semeniy, senior associate and the head of the intellectual property department.