Junior associate of Konnov & Sozanovsky participated in the project «Model International Criminal Court»


From December 4-9, 2007, Konnov & Sozanovsky Junior Associate Gayane Nuridzhanyan participated in the project, Model International Criminal Court, which was organized by the German non-government organization Kreisau Initiative Berlin e.V (www.kreisau.de). This moot is held in Poland twice a year between teams representing three countries. Among the required stages of this project is participation in training on international criminal law and rhetoric for several days prior to holding the model panel session of the International Criminal Court.

In October 2007 - the day before the moot - a meeting with all participants of Kreisau Initiative project was held at the Berlin residence of the President of Germany Horst Kohler, who is also the Chief of this organization. During this meeting, featuring public leaders, politicians and journalists, Gayane made a presentation on the Model International Criminal Court.

Along with this work, on numerous occasions over the past two years, Gayane participated in various international moots and competitions. Gayane has a long history of success, - she sparked the Kiev International University team to victory in the Model International Criminal Court in November 2006; she also took first place in the All-Ukrainian  moot on humanitarian law (May 2007); was recognized as the best speaker of the national pre-selection round of Jessup International Law Competition  (February 2007) and participation in the international round of Telders Moot in the Hague (2005).