Konnov & Sozanovsky and leading law firms of Ukraine signed the Major principles of legal business conduct


On November 26, 2008 Konnov & Sozanovsky and 12 leading law firms of Ukraine signed the Major Ethic Principles of Legal Business Conduct and the Rules of Competition on the legal market of Ukraine.

The document was prepared by an initiative group within the Forum of partners of the Ukrainian Bar Association, which included among others Ms. Tatyana Glyhovskaya and Sergey Konnov, the managing partner and the senior partner of Konnov & Sozanovsky respectively.  The intention of preparing such a document arose from the desire to agree upon transparent principles of operation in the market and clear-to-all competition rules.

The participants, in particular, condemned corruption business schemes and illegal lobbying of personal and clients’ interests in the state authorities, the illegal practice of hostile takeovers, pledged not to use illegal means in litigation, etc.

The parties also implemented a coordinative policy concerning legal staff matters, legal services advertising and many other burning issues.

The participants agreed to make every effort to raise the level of legal education, including rating all Law Universities, in order to enhance the prestige of working in law firms of Ukraine.

The signatories to the Major Ethic Principles will do everything they can to attract as many law firms to these rules as possible and will take all necessary steps to ensure that breaking the rules is equivalent to the loss of professional reputation.