ANNOUNCEMENT: September 28, 2010 Konnov and Sozanovsky to hold the Seminar "Planning and Development of International Business with the use of Dutch companies"


September 28, 2010 Konnov and Sozanovsky is pleased to invite you to participate in specialized seminar "Planning and Development of International Business with the use of Dutch companies", which will take place in Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel.

Investors and private capital owners tend to use non-resident special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in corporate and business structuring. SPVs are usually used for Ukrainian and foreign assets ownership (holding companies), as well as for financial and commercial purposes (financial companies, royalty and trading companies). Thus, the establishment of SPV may be caused by the need of business financing through the intra-group loans, or by trading transactions optimization, or by repatriation of income from the territory of Ukraine etc. The choice of jurisdiction for the establishment of SPA is a key issue of the whole business modelling process, inasmuch as the corporate or commercial structure established on the basis of improperly selected jurisdiction may result in serious financial and organizational losses.

The main aim of this seminar is to focus on fundamental schemes of the use of Dutch companies in international tax planning, as well as on peculiarities and practical aspects thereof.

Within the seminar you will learn about:
•    Benefits and risks related to the business structuring within the foreign jurisdictions;
•    Ways of assets protection with the involvement of non-resident structures;
•    How to use the legal system of the Netherlands as a favorable environment for the development of your business;
•    Peculiarities of cooperation as well as risks minimization when working with foreign companies in Ukraine in the context of recent developments of the Ukrainian tax and corporate law.

Among the speakers are the leading lawyers of Konnov and Sozanovsky, as well as the foreign experts in the field of international business planning.

Among the participants are:
•    Heads of the companies’ legal departments representing various branches of economy;
•    Shareholders of  companies;
•    Business planning experts;
•    Tax advisers.

The seminar is held with the participation of the international consulting network ANT Trust and Corporate Services and the Dutch law firm Hamelink & Van den Tooren.

For more detailed information, as well as on participation in the seminar, please contact us at (044) 490-54-00 or via e-mail, contact person is Mariya Geluh.