Alexey Ivanov, Konnov & Sozanovsky managing partner, is noted in the rate of best top-managers on legal market


“Top 100. Best top-managers of Ukraine” project recognized Alexey Ivanov, Konnov & Sozanovsky managing partner, in the rate of best top-managers of the legal sphere.

“Top-100. Best top-managers of Ukraine” rate is the project of “Invest gazeta”. It is being organized for 17 years in a row. Traditionally, a rate of 100 best Ukrainian managers is being conducted, as well as rates of top-managers from 20 leading Ukrainian economy spheres. Legal segment is one of them. Top-managers were evaluated by their colleagues from the same sphere with the help of specially developed applications. Evaluation included personal efficiency, communicative efficiency, innovative efficiency, corporate and social efficiency. 

Besides giving assessment to their colleagues, experts also evaluated legal market.

Alexey Ivanov noted that “today most firms are complex service-providers giving complex legal services to business. However, we see the tendency when a range of legal companies demonstrate their intention to become boutique firms and focus on concrete specialty. Besides, knowing the situation in the country, some complex firms started criminal law practice.”

In times of strong competency, when market needs operative reaction on changes, top-managers have to be firm, active and ready to make decisions quickly. “Also top-managers have to make nonstandard decisions to distinguish the companies which they head among the competitors”, – says Alexey Ivanov.