For the first time, batteries collected by Konnov & Sozanovsky associates were passed for recycling


Yesterday, on June 13th, 2013, batteries collected by Konnov & Sozanovsky associates were given to the receiving point located in Kiev, 26 Kikvidze St. 84 batteries were passed to the activists of the public movement for recycling.

Collection of the batteries at Konnov & Sozanovsky is organized in the frames of “Green office” project aimed at rational use of natural resources and responsible treatment of environment. For the first time, boxes for batteries were placed at Kiev office of the firm in March 2013. During 4 months, 84 batteries were gathered. Among them:
Mono batteries (D) – 4 units
Pencil-sized batteries () – 51 units
Micro batteries () – 25 units
Lithium-ion chargeable battery – 1 unit
Krona battery (9V) – 1 unit
Accumulator – 1 unit
Cell phone accumulator – 1 unit

“Green office” project continues. Besides collecting batteries, Konnov & Sozanovsky associates also pass waste paper for recycling.