Konnov & Sozanovsky is mentioned in the ranking of “Gvardiya” Ukrainian magazine


Ukrainian magazine “Gvardiya” published a ranking of the law firms-2013. Konnov & Sozanovsky is among top-10 law firms in the spheres of insurance, telecommunication and IT. Besides, the firm is mentioned in the rankings of the best firms in banking, agrarian business, real estate and energy sector.

The work of the law firms was evaluated separately for each economy sector: banking, insurance, telecom, transport, pharmacy, securities, energy sector, real estate and agrarian business. The project was represented by the companies introduced in the “Gvardiya” ranking 2012, as well as the companies from top-50 leading law firms of Ukraine in 2012 and the companies from the “bronze league” of the leading law firms, organized by “Yuridicheskaya practika” newspaper and publishing house “Kommersant-Ukraine”.  The law firms which received resultative assessments from the users-companies and expert council got into the ranking.

In the frames of the survey, companies-users of law services were also asked “Which criteria do you consider while choosing a law firm?” Corporate clients mentioned such criteria: firm’s reputation (24%), recommendations of colleagues, business partners and clients (21%), and also specialization/experience/professionalism (21%).