«Green office»: energy saving light bulbs followed the way of used batteries and were passed for recycling!


On July 26th, 2013, Konnov & Sozanovsky associates gave energy saving light bulbs for recycling. Our “contribution” was received by the Rescue service in Kiev (26A Zhilianskaya St.). By the way, this service also accepts used batteries. According to Vladimir Ivanovich Didenko, head of the Rescue service, over half a ton is sent for recycling to Lvov “Argentum” plant. 

Let’s get back to the light bulbs. We all try to save money while buying energy saving elements, but many of us don’t realize how harmful it is for the environment and our own health to throw them away. The thing is that there is mercury in fine-dispersed form inside of the bulb. While contacting the air, mercury balls create a stain with area of 50000 square cm, and these steams don’t dissolve, they just hang in the air. Mercury steams are very harmful for human’s health – they infect the central nervous system and kidneys.

After your throw the light bulb away, it will most likely end up on a dumping ground, where contact with soil or water is almost unavoidable. Activists counted that about 500 kg of mercury get to the dumps each year. And 1 gram of mercury can pollute over 3300000 m3 of the air or 200000 m3 of water.