Alexey Ivanov told Ukrainian TV-viewers about mediation


On October 10th, Konnov & Sozanovsky managing partner, participated in lively show “Public reception” on “Kiev” TV-channel. On request of the editorial office, A. Ivanov told the viewers about implementing mediation practices.

As editors informed, the topic of mediation is absolutely new for them and for people. The auditorium was interested in 2 issues: mediation during performing court decisions ad mediation during divorce processes. 

 - I appreciate “Kiev” channel’s strive to popularize the notion and the idea of mediation practices. The alternative means of solving disputes can be used in various spheres. Mediation might become problem solving for businesses as well as for individuals. The practice of other countries shows that the share of performing decisions which were made as a result of mediation reaches 95-98%. Such high efficiency is achieved because the parties take these decisions on their own, said Alexey Ivanov, attorney, mediator, Konvov & Sozanovsky managing partner.

Follow the link to see the show: